What’s the latest on OpusFlow? (November 2023)

Yasaman Kamali
Yasaman Kamali
Online Marketer

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Dear installers, welcome to the first in a series of monthly update blog posts. Our team has been working long hours to improve OpusFlow and provide you with the best possible user experience.

Let’s dive right in to explore the latest enhancements.

User Interface

In our efforts to enhance your OpusFlow experience, we’ve made a few tweaks to our user interface.

Since we’re in the festive season, we couldn’t resist adding a dash of holiday spirit to our software with a charming snow effect. But don’t worry, if you prefer a snow-free experience, simply head over to “settings”, untoggle snow from the menu, hit refresh and the snow is gone.

We’ve also updated the planning details interface in the planner module. Now you can readily view a complete list of assignees along with their respective competencies.

To make your workflow even more seamless, we’ve relocated filters in tables. Now, instead of searching through a dropdown menu, you can find them readily accessible at the top of the table.


Our PV design has also seen several upgrades. The google street view now allows for enhanced zooming, providing a more detailed view to assist with PV design. You can even count the roof tiles without being there physically.

For those using Van der Valk as the sub-structure of their new PV design, you can now easily find the ballast report in the documents section related to that project.

And searching for the satellite imagery of your upcoming project has never been more straightforward. With our latest update, you can now use GPS coordinates to locate your client’s roof in addition to their address.


Our planning feature now allows you to add multiple people when creating an entry manually.

Plus, you can now make your own custom filters to easier manage your planner. These custom made filters will be only available to you and not other users.

Need to edit or reschedule an already planned project? Adjusting the time schedule in planner is now as simple as dragging and dropping, or you can also use the edit button if you prefer and change your desired settings.

Experience the new OpusFlow today

We can’t wait for you to try these new updates. Log into your account and let us know your thoughts as we’re always looking to improve and your feedback is valuable to us. Remember at OpusFlow, we’re committed to making your workflow as smooth and efficient as possible.