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How Dijkman achieves 95% completion in solar panel installations with OpusFlow

Dijkman Zonne-energie
Service: Residential & commercial PV projects
Location: the Netherlands
Employees : 80

Dijkman is a prominent player in the sustainable installation industry in the Netherlands. Established in 2010, Dijkman specializes in designing and installing solar panels and other sustainable solutions. With a team of over 80 dedicated employees, Dijkman is committed to delivering high-quality services aimed at promoting renewable energy and environmental sustainability. Their extensive expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions for solar energy systems, including design, installation, and maintenance. Dijkman's focus on innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted name in the field of sustainable energy solutions in the Netherlands.

Real-time stock management
Dijkman achieved efficient inventory management with access to real-time and projected stock levels.
Improved overall operational efficiency
Dijkman streamlined workflows for enhanced efficiency.
Dashboarding capabilities and data analytics
Dijkman acquired invaluable insights for process optimization and data driven decision making through dashboarding and data analytics.
Regulatory compliance support
Dijkman accessed safety checklists and regulatory guidelines for compliance assurance.
The challenges

Like many solar installers, Dijkman initially relied on two separate systems: software for sales and designing installation plans, and Excel sheets for inventory management. Connecting these systems through APIs was time-consuming and inefficient.

As the business expanded, inefficiencies of the system created obstacles. Herik Super, the process manager at Dijkman, highlighted the challenge of stock management, stating : "We didn't know what, when and how much we needed to order for each article in our stock. This resulted in multiple material orders in short intervals, wasting time and money." Dijkman started to face difficulties in stock management, ordering materials, and lacked effective process monitoring and control.

On the other hand their divided systems didn’t offer the means to monitor and control the inefficiency of their teams, which hindered strategic decision-making. In order to see and improve the efficiency of the sales team, Herik needed to be able to get a live overview of the sales team’s processes. He needed to be able to calculate which types of projects are selling better and which ones are generating greater revenue. All these questions needed to be answered for him to analyze the business, find the weak spots and improve them.

Managing multiple tools and softwares became increasingly heavy. This led to inefficiencies and lost productivity. "In Dijkman, we thrive to make every process more efficient. That's why we needed a true all-in-one system to gather data in order to make strategic decisions and be more cost-effective.“ said Herik. The old system didn't offer the possibility to integrate with other platforms. This resulted in a huge amount of manual work and data being scattered in different systems.

The solution

One of the key needs of Dijkman was to be able to define their process as detailed as possible, while still maintaining control. A system that could grow with them and allow for easy integration between different departments within their solar installation company.

Dijkman explored several systems in search of a solution that could meet these evolving needs. While each system had its strengths, none fully met Dijkman’s multifaceted requirements. It was this quest for an optimal solution that led them to OpusFlow.

This brought them to the founders of OpusFlow, who aimed to develop a unified ERP software based on professional field expertise. OpusFlow leveraged Dijkman’s industry expertise and market knowledge to refine the system into the ultimate solution for sustainable installers– a solution that could meet not only Dijkman’s needs but also those of other installers.

“OpusFlow’s experts understood our unique challenges and worked diligently to develop a solution that addressed every aspect of business operations for sustainable installers like us. OpusFlow has truly revolutionized our operations by providing unparalleled insights and streamlining workflows. With OpusFlow we’ve achieved a level of efficiency and control that was previously unimaginable.'' said Herik.

The results

OpusFlow enabled efficient stock management, offering real-time tracking and proactive inventory management. Dijkman has access to dashboards displaying both current and anticipated stock levels. To elevate their operations even further, Dijkman requested streamlined workflows for ordering and procurement, a request fulfilled by OpusFlow’s consultancy team. Herik claimed their inventory management is entirely changed. "Previously we had 3 or 4 material deliveries each day. With the new system we managed to decrease the number of deliveries to once every two weeks. This helped us be more time and cost effective in our procurement and ordering."

OpusFlow's integrated stock management enabled Dijkman for a faster, more accurate material calculation for installation projects. This incorporation enables them to know how much materials they need per project and what the mechanics actually use in each installation. Furthermore this results in more accurate quotes and increase in customer satisfaction.

OpusFlow enabled Dijkman to increase the efficiency of their installation projects. Project efficiency increased, with project completion rates improving from 80% to 95% due to reduced errors in material calculation and more accurate installation plans.

The integration of all the systems in one single platform gives Dijkman access to more information, enabling greater control over their business. For instance they can identify mistakes or miss calculations at various stages of their workflow. Subsequently use this data to detect underlying issues, optimizing workflows and enhance efficiency. "With the previous system it was impossible to accurately calculate our project profits. OpusFlow has granted us significant control over our business,a capability that is truly unique and unmatched by any other solution in the market." said Herik.

The implementation of OpusFlow has provided invaluable data for optimizing processes at Dijkman. They now have all the necessary information for dashboarding, enabling them to monitor operations, optimize processes, and enhance overall business performance. For example, they can calculate the fixed costs of a project using the data provided by OpusFlow, giving them insights for strategic decision-making.

Of course, like any other software shift, the employees needed some time to get accustomed to the new system and learn all the ins and outs of the software. But now they are more comfortable using it and are satisfied with its performance. Mechanics know in advance what they have to do to deliver the installation as planned. Herik says “mechanics are very pleased with the software. They can access all the necessary information to perform their job effectively. They get the feeling that the software is made for them."

In addition to access to project information, the mechanics also have access to manuals about the installation. Furthermore, based on materials and the skills of the mechanics, OpusFlow allows for safety notifications and safety checklists to ensure adherence to quality standards through the entire installation project.

Safety measures help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries during installations. Dijkman minimizes the likelihood of workplace incidents by ensuring all mechanics adhere to these safety measures. In addition, the implementation of safety measures ensures that Dijkman remains compliant with relevant safety regulations and standards governing the solar installation industry. OpusFlow provides easy access to safety checklists and regulatory guidelines, enabling mechanics to stay informed about the latest safety requirements and ensure full compliance throughout the installation process.

In conclusion, the adoption of OpusFlow marked a transformative shift for Dijkman. Formerly burdened by disjointed systems and operational inefficiencies, Dijkman now benefits from streamlined processes, enhanced stock management, and real-time insights in one system. This transformation has translated into improved sales team efficiency, heightened project profitability, more grip and adaptability of their process and overall organizational productivity. Looking ahead, Dijkman plans to leverage the capabilities of OpusFlow to further enhance sales efficiency and drive business growth. With OpusFlow as a strategic partner, they anticipate continued improvements in their operations, paving the way for sustained success in sustainable installation.

“OpusFlow has granted us significant control over our business, a capability that is truly unique and unmatched by any other solution in the market.”

Herik Super - Process Manager
Herik Super - Process Manager

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