Human resources

by OpusFlow

Your all-in-one HR tool

With OpusFlow human resources, you streamline all your HR processes in one system, eliminating the need to work in Excel or separate documents.

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Why OpusFlow HR?

A new way of working

Worry-free onboarding

OpusFlow HR ensures carefree onboarding, automates various workflows, manages contracts in a central place and digitizes the personnel file for each employee.

Automate HR processes

Make use of the automated workflows so that you don't forget any important tasks and keep a grip on the work processes.

Evolve your employees

Grow employees with OpusFlow HR through smart insights into employee development, goal setting and personal development.

Save time

Excel spreadsheets and separate documents are a thing of the past. With OpusFlow HR you manage everything in one platform and it is extra powerful if you use it together with the other modules.


HR workflow automation

It's important that your employees are fully equipped on their first day. OpusFlow's workflow automations are HR automations specifically designed to avoid losing track of important tasks.


  • Automate routine tasks  

  • Automatically send emails at a certain stage  

  • Outsource tasks to other departments


Onboarding has never been easier

With OpusFlow HR, employees are up and running in no time and quickly feel at home within your organization. And thanks to the user-friendly functions, it also saves you a lot of time.


  • Digital contract signing  

  • Workflow automations for onboarding  

  • Digital personnel file


Bring all your favorite software tools with you

OpusFlow integrates with the tools you already rely on every day.  

Do you have special wishes? No problem. We also build custom integrations.


Frequently Asked Questions

OpusFlow HR is part of the ERP system. As a manager or administrator you need a regular license, for employees who only use the HR module you only pay € 4.50 per employee per month without additional costs.

OpusFlow HR is suitable for SME's who work in the sustainable installation industry and want more control over personnel processes.

Unlike other software tools that can take months to use, OpusFlow is built to make it easy for any business to implement. The HR module is also very easy to use due to its intuitive design.

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