Calculation & Quotation

by OpusFlow

Calculation & quotation software for installation companies

The calculation and quotation module of OpusFlow is the fastest way to prepare a quotation in the house style of your organization. Increase your turnover and save time.

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OpusFlow Calculation & Quotation

OpusFlow makes your work easier

Automatic bill-of-material

Automatically generate a bill-of-materials in your quote directly from your PV designer. We bundle everything you need so that you don't have to work twice.

Faster approval on quotes

Let your customers easily sign contracts and quotations digitally in a secure environment. All information is stored and documented.

Smart connections

OpusFlow is connected with suppliers you order from, so you always have up-to-date prices and everything is added automatically.

Stimulate revenue growth

Create quotes faster and close more deals. Calculating is the foundation within OpusFlow. Solar panels, charging stations or other installations are easy to calculate.

OpusFlow Calculation & Quotation

Generate quotes quickly and easily

The type of installation is the basis for many quotations, which is why with the OpusFlow software you can make a quotation based on your sustainable installation at the click of a button.  


  • Automatically create quotes based on your bill of materials  

  • Add installment statements for billing  

  • Convert quotations to order  

  • Approve quote by email

OpusFlow Calculation & Quotation

Up-to-date prices and delivery times

Through integrations with different wholesalers and suppliers, you always have the most recent updated prices within OpusFlow.

OpusFlow Calculation & Quotation

Your own corporate identity for quotations

Within the quotation module you are free to design your own quotation. You can also choose between ready-made templates or we can implement specific requirements when necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

A good calculation forms the basis of a successful project, that is why we have paid a lot of attention to the quotation and calculation module. We have developed SolarFlow for PV installations to make a calculation based on your installation plan.

You can create and use your own time standards in a calculation.

We have developed SolarFlow especially for PV installations, this is a PV designer where you can design both private and commercial roofs. From your laying plan you can easily make a calculation based on BOM (Bill of materials).

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