All-in-one ERP system for the installation sector

OpusFlow® is an all-in-one ERP system focused on installation companies. From solar panels and heat pumps to charging stations, OpusFlow software ensures streamlined business operations.

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Why OpusFlow?

OpusFlow makes your work easier

Close more deals

Accelerate your sales and build greater revenues with OpusFlow's advanced quotation module. Whether you need a quote for solar panels, charging stations, home batteries, wind turbines or heat pumps - it's easy to create an offer tailored to each installation that helps secure more deals.

No fragmented IT landscape

Let OpusFlow streamline your business processes and save you time. All the information you need is housed in one place, while all of your operations are connected and performed quickly without any risks of mistakes.

Reliable and modern

Our software is available to you 99.99% of the time, easy to expand and tailored to the processes of the sustainable installer. OpusFlow is built according to modern design standards to give you the best user experience.

Always up to date

Each month, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and equip you with cutting-edge software as a sustainable mechanic. By incorporating dozens of new features and advancements, in addition to fulfilling your exact aspirations for improvement, our goal is always to ensure that you have the best tools at your disposal.

"We used to use different software at the same time, which resulted in us transferring data for each project and having to improvise in Excel. The switch was easy and all in all we are very happy with our choice of OpusFlow."

Frank Keizer, Director Operations Green Teams Europe

All your workflows in one system

Does everything fit into the schedule? How soon can you have the drawing plans ready? What is the state of inventory? We'll help you. OpusFlow is the all-in-one ERP system for installation companies. Whether you install solar panels, heat pumps, charging stations, wind turbines or other installations. Working in different software packages is a thing of the past!


The #1 ERP system for the sustainable mechanic

'Opus' literally means 'work'. We ensure a better flow during your work. As software developer, we know that smart code can make everyone's work more efficient. This way we not only increase job satisfaction, but above all also the success of your business operation.

Green Teams Europe realises the largest PV projects from A to Z with OpusFlow.

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The #1 ERP system

The ERP system that gets your company excited.

OpusFlow's ERP system offers all the necessary resources and integrations that allow you to take control of your business processes. Every module within this platform is immensely useful on its own, yet when combined together, they can create a truly magical experience!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and many back office functions.

Getting started with OpusFlow

Onboarding takes hours. Not weeks or months.

Unlike other software tools that can take months to start using, OpusFlow is built to make it easy for any business to implement.    

  • Data migration  

  • Customer support  

  • Self-service tools

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We understand that change in software can sometimes cause doubts or raise questions. We help you to migrate successfully without worries.


Bring all your favorite software tools with you

OpusFlow integrates with the tools you already rely on every day.  

Import data from other systems  
Easily migrate contacts, projects and other relevant data with our CSV importer.  

Custom integrations possible  
Do you have special wishes? No problem. We also build custom integrations.


Frequently Asked Questions

OpusFlow has taken strict safety and security measures. Customers can opt for their own database that is stored and managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services). In addition, we use the authentication services of Clerk.dev, the number 1 in securing cloud applications.

We can migrate all data that is relevant to you to OpusFlow, so you don't have to worry about losing important information or having to transfer it manually.

Ready to get started right away?

Find out more about the modules and benefits or request a demo right away. You can also contact us for specific questions.

Know exactly what you pay

Transparent prices per user and module; we have no hidden costs.


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