Fast planning software for all tasks

Increase the number of projects with efficient planning by executing more billable hours, smart proposals for planning data and better service to customers.

Fast planning software for all tasks

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Why OpusFlow?

User-friendly planning

Automatic schedule proposals

As a planner, being presented with the best time slots and installation teams to schedule from the system based on stock, availability, unscheduled time slots and distance between teams and installation appointments.

Customer-oriented scheduling

Allow a customer to pass on their preferred data and options and provide the customer with insight into the status of the project in their own customer environment.

Integration with calendars

Automatic links with calendars such as Office365 and G Suite. Notifications about the agreements to both the installer and the customer.

Time registration and dashboarding

Easily track and analyze the actual hours in the dashboard.

Working in an organized manner

Working in an organized manner

OpusFlow was developed based on the needs of the sustainable installation industry, to solve challenges with existing planning systems and to capture all processes well within one package.

  • Exceptional overview through refreshing and high-quality design
  • Insight into current projects
  • Strip planning
  • Plan multiple teams on one project
Greater efficiency when planning

Greater efficiency when planning

Planning efficiency is extremely important when working with billable hours. Smart planning proposals mean fewer gaps in the planning. Make planning even easier for you and your team.

Achieve greater planning efficiency by:

  • View distance and travel time between installation appointments
  • Indicate work and holidays per employee
  • Clear overview and reminders of unscheduled appointments
  • Let customers make suggestions for installation data themselves
Strip planning for projects

Strip planning for projects

With strip planning, you can divide large projects into smaller tasks or "strips", which can be assigned to an employee or installation team. This keeps the project on schedule and all tasks are completed on time.

It also makes potential bottlenecks or delays immediately visible and the project planning can be adjusted accordingly, to ensure that a project is completed efficiently and effectively.

Strip planning for installation teams

Strip planning for installation teams

Using strip planning adds a lot of value for organizations with installation teams. It helps the planner to easily keep an overview and identify gaps in the schedule, so that the project planning can be adjusted accordingly. As a result, the available hours can be used optimally and no time is lost.

Planning workflow automation

Planning workflow automation

OpusFlow workflow automations for your planning are the fastest and easiest way to keep a grip on the productivity, safety and continuity of projects. Use automations to optimize the planning process.

  • Fewer user errors
  • More productive installation hours
  • Ready-made templates

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