Workflow Automation

Save time with workflow automations

Routine tasks, such as following up on leads or assigning tasks to employees, are part of every business process. OpusFlow's workflow automations is business automation specifically designed for the sustainable technician.

Save time with workflow automations

Advanced Task System

Sales & Marketing

OpusFlow's Workflow automations have been specially designed to ensure that deals are never lost sight of again. You can automate almost any routine sales task and, for example, automatically create a deal when a lead comes in.

Projects and tickets

Assign automatic task packages when certain service tickets are created. At the project level, keep track of all open tasks and make projects more streamlined.

Human resources

It's important that your employees are fully equipped on their first day. With task management within HR, email accounts, laptops or other company materials that have been forgotten are a thing of the past.


As a manager, insight into which tasks are still open within all modules, so that an overview can also be maintained on the progress of all tasks at a global level.

Don't forget deals with sales automation

Don't forget deals with sales automation

Time is precious, especially when it comes to sales. With OpusFlow's workflow automations, you can automate almost every step of your sales process. For example, you can automatically create tasks when you move a deal in your pipeline. This way you don't miss opportunities and you can focus on important tasks.

The easiest way to optimize your business

The easiest way to optimize your business

A company has many administrative tasks, such as planning an assignment, following up leads or maintaining installations. Yet these daily tasks are often forgotten or not performed.

OpusFlow's workflow automations are business automations specifically designed to keep day-to-day tasks in mind and keep businesses up and running smoothly.

  • Choice of different templates
  • Define custom workflows
  • Triggers & actions

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