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Below are the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about the OpusFlow software solution. Is your question not among them? Feel free to contact our support.


Yes, we have made our prices as simple, transparent and clear as possible. In principle, every user has access to all modules, though you can manage which modules an employee has acces to.

OpusFlow has all available modules that provide a total solution. You can choose whether to add workflow automations and human resources to your licence.


Yes, we offer different support plans. Request the support plans via support@opusflow.nl

Yes, we give a 15% discount on an annual subscription.

Yes, we have a single fixed price for all users. The price we offer is as competitive as possible and ensures that there is no ambiguity about what you can and cannot do within the system.

No, we do not force you to buy long-term contracts. Our best price is available as an annual contract, though we also offer monthly contracts.


You can link OpusFlow with your Outlook 365 or Google Calendar. Agenda items are synchronized with both agendas.

Within the CRM module you can add price lists, product prices and discounts.

Our developers import data from other commonly used systems on a daily basis, customer data and other relevant information is also easy to import.


Yes, within the invoicing module you have a user-friendly overview of the most important financial data.

The OpusFlow software is built to easily link to your favorite accounting package. We have extensive experience in linking with packages such as Exact, Unit4, SAP or Navision. We also build custom connections.

The payment terms within OpusFlow are variable and can therefore be chosen yourself.

Invoices can be designed entirely according to your own wishes. Logo, layout and colours, everything is possible!


All OpusFlow modules can be used on any device, and forms are also easy to fill out on your smartphone or tablet.

You can compose the forms yourself, so you can create different forms for different types of installations and save them as a template.

Yes, photos and files are easy to add to your forms when needed.

Purchase & Stock

The OpsuFlow software has connections with all relevant wholesalers, so you have a database of all relevant sustainable products. This link gives you an overview of the stock, delivery time and prices.

Calculation & Quotation

A good calculation forms the basis of a successful project, that is why we have paid a lot of attention to the quotation and calculation module. We have developed SolarFlow for PV installations to make a calculation based on your installation plan.

We have developed SolarFlow especially for PV installations, this is a PV designer where you can design both private and commercial roofs. From your laying plan you can easily make a calculation based on BOM (Bill of materials).

You can create and use your own time standards in a calculation.


It is very easy to make an accurate strip planning within OpusFlow. Tasks and subtasks are scheduled on the vertical axis and the time on the horizontal axis. You give a strip to each task for a period of time. This way you always have an overview of which task has to be performed and when.

The OpusFlow planning module tells you exactly how much capacity you have and also takes the availability of personnel into account, so your planning remains accurate at all times.

Every user can view the planning, unless otherwise indicated of course. The rights per user are easy to compose yourself.

The OpusFlow planning module is linked to your stock (provided you have stock). The link allows you to reserve stock for projects in the future and you also know exactly what is coming in and going out.

Within the planning module of OpusFlow you can easily put together teams and schedule them for projects.

Project management

This is a tool to help you plan, organize and manage the projects that you carry out, from A to Z. OpusFlow's software is tailored to the processes of the sustainable installer.

In every phase you have an overview of the status, budget, timeline and relevant documents. This way you always stay up-to-date.

Managing projects can be overwhelming, especially for large and long-term projects. Many companies do not use software for this, or use multiple tools. It is necessary for a company to stay up-to-date on the status of a project, so we recommend using one tool that fits your processes.

Document management

OpusFlow has taken strict safety and security measures. Each environment has its own database that is stored and managed by AWS (Amazon Web Services). In addition, we use the authentication services of Auth0, the number 1 in securing cloud applications.

With a document management system you manage all communication and information flows within your organization. All data and documents are stored in one database and you can arrange who has access yourself.

Document management provides a better overview between the various business processes. In this way, every department always has the most up-to-date information.


SolarFow is specifically developed for installation companies performing solar installations and is free of charge for OpusFlow users. All functionalities of the product can be used in your own environment.

SolarFlow has been specially developed for the solar technician, during the development we have taken into account the wishes and needs of both the private and commercial installer.

SolarFlow is included in the OpusFlow package and can be used at no additional cost.


Unlike other software tools that can take months to use, OpusFlow is built to make it easy for any business to implement. The HR module is also very easy to use due to its intuitive design.

OpusFlow HR is part of the ERP system. As a manager or administrator you need a regular license, for employees who only use the HR module you only pay € 4.50 per employee per month without additional costs.

OpusFlow HR is suitable for SME's who work in the sustainable installation industry and want more control over personnel processes.


Certainly, your consultant is also your direct contact person to the organization who can always reach you for questions or advice about your OpusFlow environment.

No, we always recommend opting for an onboarding package. Implementing an ERP system is an important step for your organization, the success of which is largely determined by how well the system is embraced by the staff.

You can migrate a large part of your data to OpusFlow, this is easily done via an Excel file that you can import through a fixed template.   It is relevant to see if the data you want to transfer is still going to be used. You can choose to store historical data somewhere else so that it is always available, but you start with a clean file in OpusFlow.

Prior to the kick-off, we will send you all the necessary files to enter the onboarding with a good feeling and prepared! This consists of some short knowledge articles and videos of the system.

Normally, an ERP implementation is a long-term process that takes months or even years. OpusFlow works intuitively, which means that we are able to drastically reduce the implementation time, so that it only takes a few weeks instead of months. This results in major cost savings during the initial onboarding, by deploying a consultant and saving the time of your own employees to learn the system on their own.