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All your contacts & sales opportunities at your fingertips

OpusFlow CRM is the module where you manage all your relations. Use the various functions and advanced tools to always keep a structured overview and not to miss any deals.

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Why OpusFlow?

Benefits for your company

Easily manage customers

Capturing relevant information intuitively, clear structure, different workflows per type of customer.

More followed up sales opportunities

State of the art sales follow-up system, automated emails, templates and task system.

Integrate with lead generators

Leads from your website or lead generator automatically within your CRM.

More service to customers

Own customer portal, approve quotations online, consult relevant information as a customer and more.

Sales Pipeline & Deals

OpusFlow has all the essential functionalities of a CRM. A sales pipeline and the creation of new deals are important components in a sales CRM. The visualization provides a clear overview of the sales process.

  With OpusFlow, you can estimate the value, enter the probability of success, and enter the expected closing date for each deal. With the smart automations you do not lose sight of a deal.


  • Drag and drop  

  • Intuitive design  

  • Modular construction

OpusFlow CRM

Higher conversions on quotes

Don't miss any more sales opportunities due to the proven formula of OpusFlow, with automated sales activities.  

  • Easily assign leads to salespeople  

  • Send automated follow-up emails to customers  

  • Sales Dashboard and cockpit

Within a CRM system, you as a company have a clear overview of customer data, sales opportunities, contacts and a task overview. As a company, it ensures that you have more control over everything that has to do with customers / relations.

OpusFlow CRM

User-friendly CRM

Work more structured than with any CRM package. OpusFlow has been developed based on the needs of the sustainable mechanic, to solve challenges with existing systems and to capture all processes well within one package.


  • Exceptional overview through refreshing and user-friendly design  

  • Developed on the basis of input and use of the sustainable mechanic  

  • Structured storage of relevant information

OpusFlow CRM

Automated CRM tasks

By using automations within the CRM, new tasks are automatically entered to the right employees. This makes work more efficient and customers receive better service. For example, you can choose to automatically fire a task at the account manager as soon as a new lead comes in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Within the CRM module you can add price lists, product prices and discounts.

The OpsuFlow software has connections with all relevant wholesalers, so you have a database of all relevant sustainable products. This link gives you an overview of the stock, delivery time and prices.

You can link OpusFlow with your Outlook 365 or Google Calendar. Agenda items are synchronized with both agendas.

Our developers import data from other commonly used systems on a daily basis, customer data and other relevant information is also easy to import.

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