Purchasing & Stock
by OpusFlow

The purchase & inventory system for the installation sector

Automated purchasing & stock specifically for installation companies. No more manually updating stock when a new order is placed.

Why OpusFlow?

Benefits for you

Keep track of your inventory

Easily manage all stock in one or more warehouses with OpusFlow and have an overview of running, expected and reserved stock at all times.

Manage purchasing

Easily set up one purchase order from multiple suppliers within OpusFlow. The system then automatically prepares several purchase orders for purchasing.

Schedule stock

Schedule or reserve stock on new and ongoing projects. As a result, you receive timely notifications to ensure there is sufficient stock for future projects.

Stock dashboard

OpusFlow offers comprehensive dashboards that provide at-a-glance insight into your organization's stock status. As a result, there is always visibility of current, expected and required stock.

OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

Inventory management within one system

All OpusFlow modules are linked together, so you always have the right data in the right place.

  • Inventory linked to planning
  • No excess or shotage stock
  • Reduced administrative pressure
  • More efficient installation planning
OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock
OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

Stock linked to planning

Because installation projects often cannot be completed immediately, and in many cases are planned several months into the future, managing stock effectively is a major challenge for many organizations. Within OpusFlow, stock is linked to planning, so that stock on new orders can be planned, or reserved.

Stock can be organized based on the current planning, giving more control and reducing administrative pressure.

OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock
OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

Clear dashboards for stock

OpusFlow provides insight into current, expected, and required stock at all times with dynamic dashboards. This makes it easy to monitor stock and ensures that you as an organization can work efficiently.

OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock
OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

Your inventory is always up-to-date

Achieve extra efficiency within your purchasing based on historical orders and historical purchasing. OpusFlow is the first system within the sustainable installation industry to apply and embrace these technologies.

OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock
OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

Scannable shipping notes and management of multiple warehouses

Easily process incoming stock by scanning delivery notes within OpusFlow. After a delivery is processed, products are automatically added to stock within OpusFlow, taking into account different warehouses if applicable.

OpusFlow Purchasing & Stock

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