What’s the latest on OpusFlow? (December 2023)

Yasaman Kamali
Yasaman Kamali
Online Marketer

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Dear installers, we’re thrilled to have you join us for another monthly blog post. This month we’re introducing the most significant updates made in both the SolarFlow module and in the Purchasing & Stock module.

Let’s explore them together.


We have added Bluebase’s East-West configuration into the software. This feature enables you to utilize dual solar panels for designing on flat roofs. It’s quite simple to do: In the second phase of your project, choose Bluebase as your substructure, select “connected” , choose your desired orientation and then choose the dual configuration. With these simple steps, you can now effortlessly design East-West solar panels on your flat roof.

We have recently integrated ESDEC’s latest API in our software. Previously, designing solar systems on flat roofs limited panel orientation to landscape mode only. However, this update now allows the flexibility to draw solar panels in portrait orientation as well. To select your preferred orientation, navigate to the panel placement section during the second phase of your project.

Purchasing & Stock

Our newest update enables you to effortlessly download a list of all the items stored in your warehouse. Just choose your preferred warehouse, navigate to the items tab and click on “CSV“ and your list will be downloaded in no time.

To offer greater control in your inventory management, we’ve introduced the option to input up to three decimal values in the quantity field of your stock mutation lines.

The latest update allows you to search for an item in your inventory using its SKU number. This functionality is available if you’ve previously associated the article with an SKU number during its creation in the system.

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