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With the advanced PV designer within SolarFlow, you can create a proposal within minutes. The simple interface makes the software easy to use for both private and commercial projects.

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Our PV designer highlights

Measurement functions and obstacle management

SolarFlow offers extensive measurement functions so you won't be surprised. You can also include objects such as chimneys, air-conditioning installations, cooling systems or drainage systems in your layout plan.

String distribution for large projects

Do you make an installation plan with many solar panels? With SolarFlow's software you can calculate the number of solar panels per string, the number of panels per inverter and the length of the cables.

Drawing in multiple roof surfaces

Easily draw in several roof surfaces with different roof shapes, inclination angles or roof material. As a result, the PV designer makes any installation plan easy.

Revenue calculation

Good advice is part of every sales process. Your installation plan automatically produces a yield calculation so that you can provide your customers with the best advice.

Our PV-Designer integrated with all other ERP modules

Your PV design software is always seamlessly integrated with all modules within your IT landscape. As standard, our PV-designer is linked to all the other modules you need to have complete control over your processes. From preparing and sending quotes, planning and allocating stock to monitoring the installations and service. So you save a lot of time and always have insight into your data.

The SolarFlow PV designer

We would like to show you how you can draw a installation plan with SolarFlow's PV designer and the value it has for installers.

Select your inverter and set up a string distribution for an installation of more than 20-25 panels. Choose an inverter and set up a string distribution
Frank Keizer, Director Operations Green Teams Europe

“We used to use different software at the same time, which resulted in us transferring data for each project and having to improvise in Excel. The Switch was easy and all in all we are very happy with our choice of OpusFlow.”

Frank Keizer, Director Operations Green Teams Europe

Frank Keizer

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