Solar software for installation companies

SolarFlow is the fastest and easiest way to streamline your work processes as a solar installer. With our solar design software you can easily create installation plans for both private and commercial roofs and you have up-to-date monitoring for every installation.

Why SolarFlow

Calculate revenue

Good advice is part of every sales trajectory. A yield calculation is automatically made from your laying plan so that you can provide your customers with the best advice.

String distribution for large projects

Are you making a laying plan with many solar panels? For solar power installations with more than 20 to 25 solar panels you have to make a string plan. With the SolarFlow software you calculate the number of solar panels per string, the number of panels per inverter and the length of the cables.

Measurement functions and obstacle management

SolarFlow offers extensive measurement functions so that you are not faced with surprises. Objects such as charging stations, air conditioning installations, cooling systems or drainage systems can also be included in your installation plan.

Inspection forms

Easily create your own inspection forms and use the existing templates. Simply install the mobile app on tablets, iOS or Android devices.


Easily draw custom solar power installations

The advanced PV-designer tool within SolarFlow allows you to make a laying plan within minutes. The simple interface makes the software easy to use for both private and commercial projects.

SolarFlow is included in the OpusFlow package and can be used at no additional cost.


More than a PV-designer

SolarFlow is a revolutionary, comprehensive solution for solar panel installers that exceeds the scope of traditional CRMs and calculators. It is specifically crafted to automate processes associated with installing solar panels, making it an invaluable asset for anyone in this field.

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Yes. OpusFlow's stock module allows you to manage and purchase stock.


Close more deals, faster

Create a tailor-made proposal within minutes. Thanks to links with relevant suppliers, you have a bill-of-material and a quotation with just a few clicks. The quotation is sent in your own template with all relevant information. This gives your customer a first-class and personal experience.

Yes. With OpusFlow's dashboards, you have visibility of all relevant data in every process.


Maximum efficiency with SolarFlow monitoring

SolarFlow's monitoring module provides instant insight into the technical and financial situation of your solar plant. Detect errors and get notifications at panel, string and system level.


Automations tailored to the solar panel installer

Streamline your solar panel installations and minimize errors with our all-integrated, specifically tailored modules. Automate routine tasks through the ability to forward projects to planners or inventory managers, as well as assign specific tasks at each stage of a project - creating an efficient workflow that saves time on your business operations.

Yes, SolarFlow is specially designed to provide quick quotes for solar panel installations. OpusFlow is for all types of installations.


Frequently Asked Questions

SolarFow are all OpusFlow modules specially tailored for installation companies performing solar installations and are free of charge for OpusFlow users. All functionalities of the product can be used in your own OpusFlow environment.

SolarFlow is included in the OpusFlow package and can be used at no additional cost.

SolarFlow has been specially developed for the solar technician, during the development we have taken into account the wishes and needs of both the private and commercial installer.

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