2Solar versus OpusFlow - Read the differences

Nov 21, 2022

Whether you work as a private installer, commercial installer or are responsible for making building objects more sustainable, see how OpusFlow supports your processes within a lightning-fast and budget-friendly total solution.

More value for money

OpusFlow’s flexible modules make operations simple for companies of any size. Coordinate your entire workflow, from lead to monitoring with more speed, flexibility and lower costs.

OpusFlow vs 2Solar summarised

If you are going to compare 2Solar with OpusFlow, you should mainly consider the high cost of 2Solar, a missing inventory, project management and human resources module. Due to missing modules within 2Solar, it is impossible to make it work as a total solution.

OpusFlow vs 2Solar pricing comparison

Why OpusFlow offers more value for what it costs

OpusFlow is a modular, cost-effective and scalable business software (ERP system) designed by installers, for installers. OpusFlow offers economical per-user pricing and adds more value through strip scheduling, inventory management, comprehensive document management and project management.

1. Fixed price per user

Unlike many ERP vendors in the installation industry, OpusFlow has a fixed price per user. You often see that you have to pay per module. In almost all cases, this makes you more expensive as an organisation and you can only give employees access to the entire system if you pay a lot. Our subscriptions are clear and easy to understand, while costs are transparent and predictable. And you decide when to scale up and down in use. That’s how we grow with you.

2. Easy to use

OpusFlow has been developed with the latest technologies, allowing us to offer a unique user experience. Our ERP system is extremely fast, easy to use and very versatile.

3. Free trial

Not ready to commit to OpusFlow yet, but still curious about the added value? No problem. Get started yourself with the free trial and get access to all modules. (it’s free)

OpusFlow features

OpusFlow is built for sustainable installation companies. We know all their wishes, needs and challenges. We have brought this together in one system. Especially for you.

Installation plan

With the advanced drawing tool, you will have created an installation plan within minutes. The simple interface makes the software easy to use for both private and large commercial projects.


Planning is perhaps the most important part for the installer and often the heart of the organisation. OpusFlow therefore provides clear and smart planning to run as many productive hours as possible. We have also paid extra attention to strip planning for larger and long-term projects.


Many installers have one or more warehouses. An up-to-date stock is therefore crucial. This way, you always know what is in stock and, as an organisation, you won’t face any surprises. Never have excess or insufficient stock again. OpusFlow’s stock module is also integrated with planning. So you can easily plan stock on projects and keep it up to date.

Human Resources

Personnel management is an important component for many organisations. Especially since we are in a growing market, it is crucial to keep an overview. OpusFlow offers HR as an add-on to easily onboard employees, keep track of training / certificates (VCA) and contracts.

Document management

Within the installation industry, documenting, storing and structuring information is very important. Within OpusFlow, we have paid extra attention to making storage and structuring as efficient as possible.

Calculations & quotations for all sustainable installations

Most sustainable installers have long since ceased to install only solar panels. Other types of installations such as heat pumps, charging stations and batteries are also becoming increasingly important for the sustainable installer. Calculating these types of installations is super easy with OpusFlow.

Install more solar installations with OpusFlow

Experience for yourself why more and more installers prefer OpusFlow over 2Solar. Start your free 14-day trial by requesting a free demo.