Green Teams Europe

How Green Teams Europe uses OpusFlow

Green Teams Europe specializes in large PV installations. They install top-quality solar panel installations for the business market. Green Teams arranges installations from A to Z and is called in when it comes to large and complex projects. Green Teams works together with parties such as Koolen Solar, Tenten Solar and Groendus.

Green Teams Europe
Service Commercial pv projects
Location Netherlands
Employees 18


Previously, Green Teams Europe worked with three different systems to manage its various processes. For CRM and project management, Gripp was used. For project management, Fieldwire was used. For estimation, a very extensive Excel sheet was used. They often had to switch systems during work and information was not synchronised due to missing integration capabilities. The working method resulted in a lot of extra work and was also prone to errors.


Green Teams Europe partnered with OpusFlow to manage the various business processes in one overall solution. Green Teams Europe decided to replace all systems by using the feature-packed and complete modules. ”Thanks to the quick onboarding, user-friendly interface and the modules that fit the mechanics perfectly, it was easy to switch,” says Frank Keizer, operations director at Green Teams Europe. The new partnership means Green Teams spends less time on administration and is better supported throughout the process.


With OpusFlow, all users have access to the modules they need. Roles can then be composed themselves. This keeps licence costs logical and clear. Many optimisation measures have also been implemented using workflow automations. An example is the automatic assignment of tasks at a certain deal status in the CRM or the preparation of forms when a site visit is scheduled.

Thanks to the project management module, there is much more control over ongoing projects. Tickets are easily created at project level and everyone is informed in real time of the status at each stage of the project. As a result, projects are delivered faster, there is less chance of errors and documentation is up-to-date.

”Modern business software is essential for professionalization”

Green Teams came to the realization that there is a lot of choice regarding business software. For instance, there are many generic systems that just don’t fit well with the installer’s processes. There are also systems that are outdated and cause poor user adoption. Bas Douma, owner of Green Teams Europe, explains: ”In our search, we looked at business software that has been around for decades and that many installation companies still use. We recognized that those systems no longer fit these times and believe that modern business software is essential in order to professionalize”. Within just two weeks, OpusFlow was fully operational.

Frank Keizer, Director of Operations
”What is really important to us is that every project runs smoothly from A to Z.” OpusFlow has figured out how to do that and incorporated it into one total solution. Big advantages are that OpusFlow is easy to use and that it is specifically aimed at installation companies”

Frank Keizer, Director of Operations