Project management

by OpusFlow

Coordinate all projects in one system

Use the project management module to make every project run smoothly. Manage all communications, documents and tasks within one landscape.

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OpusFlow Project management

Everything in one overview

Within OpusFlow you have a clear overview of the projects within one KANBAN board. Keep track of the status of your projects, add multiple projects to a customer and have all relevant information at hand.


  • Exceptional overview through fresh and high-quality design
  • Structured storage of relevant files
  • Fully and completely elaborated workflow for the sustainable installer
OpusFlow Project management

Increased efficiency during project management

Easily assign tasks to projects for the various employees so that everything is prepared on time and the project runs smoothly. Monitor the schedules, keep them up-to-date and make sure you have all the relevant information for the installation at hand

  Achieve greater efficiency in project management by:

  • Track projects in KANBAN board
  • Assign tasks to relevant people
  • Overview and reminders of incomplete tasks
  • Create tickets for employees
OpusFlow Project Management

Project-based working with tickets

By using project tickets, no more work gets forgotten in the rush, and a project always runs smoothly. The project manager can easily create tickets on a project for different (groups of) employees and see the status. Tickets are completed or rescheduled and there is always insight into what still needs to be done and who is responsible.

OpusFlow Project Management

Make project management faster and more efficient

With automation within project management, tasks are automatically assigned as soon as a status is changed. For example, you can automatically file a task with the planner as soon as a project is approved by the work planner.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tool to help you plan, organize and manage the projects that you carry out, from A to Z. OpusFlow's software is tailored to the processes of the sustainable installer.

Managing projects can be overwhelming, especially for large and long-term projects. Many companies do not use software for this, or use multiple tools. It is necessary for a company to stay up-to-date on the status of a project, so we recommend using one tool that fits your processes.

In every phase you have an overview of the status, budget, timeline and relevant documents. This way you always stay up-to-date.

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